18 April 2023

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Advocacy Campaigns Lead


Advocacy Campaigns Lead

OGIP is looking to bring on a volunteer to co-lead the development of our advocacy strategy and generate advocacy products (e.g. policy papers, guidance notes, social media campaigns) required to achieve the objectives of OGIP’s community. The Advocacy Campaigns Lead will work closely with OGIP’s two Network Coordinators to make up OGIP’s Advocacy Pillar. OGIP has a thriving advocacy community, including our Advocates Network, made up of passionate young people from around the world who are championing peace and equality. The Advocacy pillar of OGIP works closely with the Advocates Network to support their advocacy needs and find ways to amplify their priorities and messages to policy makers in a way that aims to diversify and decolonise peace and security.

OGIP aims to work with young people to bridge the gap between where global policy decisions are made and the work being done by young people on the ground. Through our advocacy, we aim to challenge the perception of youth in peace and security spaces, promote meaningful participation in decision making and elevate the voices of young people as experts in their own right. By disrupting ‘high-level’ policy spaces and championing youth experiences and expertise, OGIP aims to contribute to the diversification and decolonisation of the WPS and YPS agendas, and highlight the necessity for an intersectional and inclusive approach to policy and practice.

OGIP has published two main advocacy products so far, our policy paper on the intersections between WPS and YPS and our guidance note on youth meaningful participation. We want to both increase our number of advocacy products, ensuring that the development of the messages is participatory and reflective of the experiences and needs of our advocacy community, and increase engagement in our existing work. This role will be central to developing the strategy on how to do this.


The Advocacy Campaigns Lead will develop a work plan in collaboration with the OGIP central team and co-develop an advocacy strategy with Network Coordinators. The role can be adapted based on the skills and interests of the successful candidate. Responsibilities could include:

  • Identifying OGIP priority advocacy messages to focus the strategy around
  • Working with the advocates network and wider OGIP community to develop written and visual products and campaigns around priority advocacy messages
  • Engaging with the Outreach and Partnerships pillar to increase advocacy engagement with external partners
  • Working with Outreach and Partnership pillar and Comms Team to identify key events throughout the year and generate advocacy campaigns in response to specific moments
  • Engaging with the Research pillar to develop advocacy campaigns around OGIP research and blogs
  • Co-leading virtual events to promote OGIP Research and Advocacy and discuss disruptive research and coordination methodologies
  • Provide ad-hoc support to Network Coordinators to contribute towards movement building aims of the Advocates Network

Skills and Experience

Here are some of the skills and experience that we think would help you in this role. However, none of this experience is necessary and you shouldn’t be limited to just this list in your application - we are very open to hearing about the skills and experience you think are needed and the ideas and experience that you could bring to this role:

  • Experience producing research or advocacy products in the peace and security space
  • Experience developing or implementing participatory approaches and facilitating diverse inputs into events, products or campaigns
  • Experience coordinating and maintaining a network; excellent organisation and communication skills
  • Ability to set timelines and work independently to meet organizational needs
  • Commitment to OGIP’s values and working principles
  • Respect for diversity and commitment to anti-oppression
  • An understanding of feminist principles, women human rights, youth movements and feminist advocacy
  • Flexibility and adaptability to work collaboratively with a diverse and remote team

Application process

Through the application process we want to get to know you, what you stand for and what you will bring to OGIP. For the application we ask you to respond to the following three questions. Your response can be in written, video, audio or any alternative form of media.

  1. Why do you feel that ensuring the inclusion of diverse youth voices in peace and security is important?
  2. Why are you interested in volunteering with OGIP?
  3. Tell us about your relevant experience for this role.

The answer to each question should be no more than 250 words long (750 words maximum for all three questions) or less than a minute of audio and should be sent via email to OGIPcontact@gmail.com by Saturday 13 May 2023. If you would rather apply via whatsapp e.g. for voicenotes - please email us and we can send you a whatsapp number. A CV and cover letter is not necessary. Please contact us if you require any accommodations, assistance, or have any questions about the recruitment process.

Responses to the application will be reviewed by a recruitment committee formed of current members of OGIP. Applications will be assessed based on:

  • Your alignment with OGIPs values
  • Your motivation to be involved with OGIP
  • The experience, perspective and skills you can bring to OGIP

Once shortlisting has taken place successful candidates will be invited to interview with the recruitment committee. Interviews will take place over Skype and time will be flexible to take into account time zones and other commitments you may have.

Who are OGIP?
Our Generation for Inclusive Peace (OGIP) is a feminist organization that aims to advance, shape, and influence the Women, Peace, & Security (WPS) and Youth, Peace, & Security (YPS) agendas to be more inclusive, intersectional, and decolonized through advancing young voices and experiences. Through our three foundational pillars - research, advocacy, and outreach - we facilitate a space for young voices to expand and push forward conversations on WPS and YPS. We aim to advocate for the redistribution of power in security spaces, aiming to contribute to an inclusive and positive peace.

OGIP is a youth-led, grassroots and volunteer-led organization, established in 2019. OGIP believes fair compensation of labor is an essential part of feminist principles of work. At this early stage of the organization’s development, however, we do not receive any form of organizational funding. Although this is something we are working to change, we therefore cannot currently compensate our volunteers monetarily. Previously the valuable work of the OGIP community has been compensated in diverse ways, whether it is through professional development, building your network, support in job hunting, public speaking or educational opportunities. Please come to your interview prepared to discuss how you would like to be compensated via non-financial means for your work if you are to join the OGIP community.

Working practices

OGIP is an intersectional feminist organization that has a non-hierarchical structure. In practice this means that everyone in the organization has equal say and equal power in decision making processes. We are a small organization, currently run by a small group of volunteers who dedicate their spare time to working on OGIP alongside full-time employment or education. We meet fortnightly and aim to communicate regularly.

As a voluntary role we do not dictate the amount of time you will need to dedicate weekly to OGIP; this will be flexible depending on the changing workload of your role and your personal commitments. We do, however, ask that before applying you ensure that you are driven to engage with a new and developing organization and have in mind the level of commitment you will be able to make as this will be discussed during your interview.

The OGIP team is global and all work is undertaken online through various platforms. We work across global time zones which is taken into account in team planning.

Equality, diversity and inclusion

As OGIP is a youth led organization we will only be accepting applications from those aged 35 and under. In particular, OGIP is looking for young people who are interested in the world of peace and security, who can bring energy and enthusiasm to the role. OGIP is an intersectional feminist organization and accepts applications from anyone of any gender identity.

OGIP is currently run by a team of women from a variety of countries and OGIP’s community is truly global. We are striving to continually diversify our central team to fully reflect the wider OGIP community. We particularly encourage applications from individuals from groups who are currently underrepresented in global decision making processes in peace and security, including but not limited to Black, Indigenous, minority ethnic, people of colour, residents of the global south, disabled and LGBTIQ+ applicants.

We recognize that only recruiting for volunteers creates barriers to entry and we are highly sensitive to the gendered impact of unpaid labour, especially on youth. We are working hard to be in a position to put OGIP on a sustainable footing so we are able to raise funds and be in a position to compensate for labor as we grow as an organization.

Please submit your application to OGIPcontact@gmail.com by Saturday 13 May 2023. Please contact us if you require any accommodations, assistance, or more time to submit your application.

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