Our Generation for Inclusive Peace

our generation for inclusive peace

We are
Our Generation for Inclusive Peace.

Our Generation for Inclusive Peace (OGIP) is a feminist organization that aims to advance, shape, and influence the Women, Peace, & Security (WPS) and Youth, Peace, & Security (YPS) agendas to be more inclusive, intersectional, and decolonized through advancing young voices and experiences. Through our three foundational pillars - research, advocacy, and outreach - we provide a multimedia platform for young voices to expand and push forward conversations on WPS and YPS. We aim to advocate for the redistribution of power in security spaces, aiming to contribute to an inclusive and positive peace.

The Three


OGIP is supported by 3 pillars of work:


Harnessing research to diversify and advance conversations on peace and security with contributions from young people in differing formats, including OGIP's research series and blog.


Growing our Youth Advocates Network, amplifying diverse voices in peace and security, and generating policy recommendations to challenge exclusionary structures and promote meaningful participation.

Outreach & Partnerships

Engaging with diverse organizations and individuals working in the field of peace and security through a youth-driven and feminist perspective.