Innovative & Inclusive


Research in the field of peace and security is often a product of patriarchal and ageist institutions situated in the global north. OGIP’s platform is a place for critically engaged research from young people aimed at disrupting 'traditional' methods and voices of research, creating a space for young people to catalyze change and progress the field of peace and security through artwork, poetry, interviews, podcasts, writing photography or storytelling.

Research Series

The OGIP Research Series encourages young people to deeply engage with a central research theme from their own unique perspective. The themes will be sourced from and selected by young people to ensure the research series remain relevant, responsive and inclusive.

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OGIP's blog is a space for contributions from young people to engage with and respond to topics and issues that matter to them in creative ways. OGIP's blog does not seek to be a traditional written blog, but aims to showcase a variety of engaging content, from storytelling to photography; podcasts to poetry; and anything in between.

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