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Tirso H Sitoe, 36

Executive Director and Researcher – Bloco 4 Foundation, Mozambique

Tirso Sitoe is the Executive Director and Researcher of Bloco 4 Foundation - Research in citizenship, activism and social policies. He has a master's degree and a postgraduate degree in intercultural relations from Open University (Lisbon) and a degree in Anthropology from Eduardo Mondlane University. His research focuses on political and governance processes, youth identification process, human rights, and critical music and social protest in post-colonial Mozambique. He has published articles on protests and social criticism through RAP music and has also coordinated the publication of the book “Reinventing the speech and the stage: O RAP, between local knowledge and global perspectives” (2019), prefaced by Professor Boaventura de Sousa Santos and was considered one of the first and prestigious books on RAP of protest that brings together researchers of Lusophony. In addition to university teaching since 2013 in scientific research methodologies, legal anthropology, he has conceived and directed documentaries namely “Generations in struggles for utopias” (2019) and “moving with garbage” (2022) and is a non-active member of HIP-HOP movements.

Tags: Activism, Art and Music, Youth Identification