Learn more about Esther Vongai Zimudzi

Esther Vongai Zimudzi, 23

Founder, Section 20 – Zimbabwe

Esther is the founder of Section 20, a youth organization working for youth in marginalized and hard to reach communities in Zimbabwe. Section 20 provides constitutional literacy among many other services. Esther has growing experience in movement building and strategic advocacy. She has served as advisor to Zimbabwe's Youth Minister and Co-Chaired the governance and legislation committee at the Political Actors Dialogue Forum. Esther has worked with civil society organizations on issues related to young women and girls, youth and vulnerable populations.

Esther describes herself as “an activist with interest in social and transitional justice, diversity and feminism”. Esther ran for Councillorship in the 2018 election as an Independent candidate for Ward 22 at the age of 21, driven to provide transformational leadership in the public sector in Harare. Despite not winning the election, she continues to engage her people and provide services to her community.

Tags: Youth Engagement, Rule Of Law, Humanitarian, Social Justice, Public Governance