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Introducing OGIP's Research

The Need for Diversified Research

Research in the field of peace and security is often a product of patriarchal and ageist institutions situated in the global north, shaping narratives on peace and security at the international level. This research is often inaccessible to those outside of these elite structures. In particular, for practitioners engaged in peace and security challenges on the ground, young people working in this field and young people affected by conflict.

Creating a platform for policy-relevant and critically engaged research by young people and creating a space for young people to engage with and respond to topics and issues in creative and diverse ways, are both key to diversifying and moving forward conversations on peace and security. The OGIP platform will do just this by publishing research and contributions as suggested and directed by young people in diverse formats and mediums; diversifying the peace and security field and making way for younger voices to engage with the issues they deem central to inclusive and sustainable peace.

'Research' at OGIP

Contributions to OGIP will be of varying style, from academic analysis, policy reviews and op-ed pieces to artwork, podcasts and vlogs – breaking down the constraints of what is deemed ‘research’ and creating the opportunity for young people to respond to topics in the way that feels most natural to them. This will be done through two spaces.

Firstly the OGIP blog which is a flexible and responsive space publishing contributions every 1-2 weeks on anything related to peace and security that young people working in this field or affected by conflict want to respond to. The blog is a space to engage with key developments in peace and security, as and when they happen, and to reflect on the themes and issues the Women, Peace and Security (WPS) and Youth Peace and Security (YPS) agendas address.

Secondly, through the OGIP research series which is a structured series on a theme or topic, as selected by young people, publishing contributions over a 6 month period. The series will give the space and time for an in depth exploration of a specific theme. The series is a space for longer form engagement with a central theme that is selected for its significance to WPS and YPS and the need for in depth analysis and commentary on this theme.

By disrupting ‘traditional’ methods and voices of ‘research’ through the contributions and research published on OGIP, we intend to contribute to the diversification of the WPS and YPS agendas, and highlight the necessity for an intersectional and inclusive approach to research, policy and practice.

Get involved

OGIP is looking for new contributors and we would like to hear from you. If you are interested in contributing to the platform please take a look at the call for proposals for the OGIP blog and research series and put forward your ideas here.If you have any questions about the research of OGIP or the submission process please get in touch.

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