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Roxana Vivas, 23

President, Women Riots – Venezuela

Roxana is the President of the NGO Women Riots and the monitor for the Zulia women's network, part of Amnesty International Venezuela (AIVen). Roxana is also the local coordinator of the Váyalo Foundation.

Roxana is a human rights activist and a trained lawyer, graduated from the Rafael Urdaneta University (URU). She has completed several diploma courses in the field of human rights and women's rights, including: Human Rights of Indigenous Peoples, Democracy, Transitional Justice and Human Rights, Digital Leadership Diploma in Social Inclusion and Access to Rights, Gender Equity and Human Right and Feminism and Social Justice.

Roxana is considered a leader in her community, where she fights every day for the defense of women’s rights. She does this through workshops on gender-based violence, cycles of violence, forms of violence, femicides, signs of identification, among other topics in communities and university spaces. In addition, through her work at Women Riots she has produced Prevention Manual "Women", know and defend your human rights, a report on the situation of femicides in the state of Zulia, Venezuela, a Practical Manual: For Zulianas with a Voice and an Infographic on "Gender Barriers at the Border". Roxana also advocates for national and international actions for the compliance of the States with their obligations to protect and defend women's rights.

Tags: Women’s rights, Human rights, community mobilization